Property Management

The property management professionals in Midland City

Not sure you need the services of a property management company? Then ask yourself this question; why did I purchase rental property in the first place? Odds are you you saw it as a smart investment and a source of passive income. The reality is being a landlord is hard work. Collecting rent. Making repairs to the property. Interviewing potential renters. When you trust Mikie Walding Management Company, Inc. to manage your property, those concerns become a thing of the past. 


Our property management team has a responsibility to both the owner and the tenants to maintain the safety and integrity of the property. We take that responsibility seriously. When your tenants have an emergency or just need routine repairs done, our staff is available day or night to address maintenance issues. We can also catch potential problems in the early stages eliminating the need for costly repairs down the road. 

Rent collection

Stop worrying about collecting rent and late payments. The majority of tenants pay on time. However, problem tenants do occasionally crop up and dealing with them is one of the unpleasant realities of owning property. Nobody likes to evict a tenant but sometimes it has to be done. When the time comes it is important that you know the law in order to avoid violating the tenants rights during the eviction process. With our years of experience, we can make sure the matter is handled professionally, in strict compliance with the law. 
House on a beautiful sunny day

Peace of mind

Ultimately, you are responsible for your rental property. You can never completely rid yourself of all the worries associated with being a landlord. But you can reduce the day to day hassles when you work with a trusted property management company. Start enjoying the benefits of property ownership and let us handle the rest. 
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