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Rental properties present a number of challenges for owners and tenants alike. Although each side has different concerns, they do share some important common ground; they both have an interest in clean, well-maintained properties. Renters need quality housing for their family. Owners must meet the needs of their tenants while protecting their investment. With our years of experience in the local real estate market as both realtors and property managers, the team at Mikie Walding Management Company, Inc. is uniquely qualified to help both tenants and owners realize their goals. 
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Property management

Rental properties can be a sound investment or they can be a tremendous drain on your time and resources. It all comes down to having the right management company. You need to control costs while providing and maintaining all the amenities that renters expect and deserve. It is a delicate balancing act but one that we are able to strike. We will develop a custom management plan that benefits both you and your tenants. Let us take the stress out of owning property. 
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24 hour service

It doesn't matter if you're a tenant who is having a maintenance issue or an owner with a question about rental payments, you want to talk to a person, not a machine. Mikie Walding Management Company, Inc. is always available to answer questions or address any issues that may arise. Whenever you call us, you'll talk to a member of our highly trained staff who is ready and able to help. You'll get answers, not the runaround. 

Rental properties

When you're ready to move, check our listings for the best deals on quality rentals in our area. We offer apartments and properties in all price ranges. Whether you are a single person looking for a one bedroom apartment, a retired couple looking to downsize or you need something that meets the needs of your growing family, we can find what you are looking for. All of our listings are affordable, clean and safe. We don't handle any properties that we wouldn't live in ourselves. 
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